The breathtaking coastline awaits as you've never seen it before!!!! If you are looking for something totally fun and exciting to do on vacation or just want to experience your first awesome ride in a helicopter -- COME FLY WITH US TODAY!!!  Call: 910-880-5780 to reserve your time "or" just stop in and see us at Cape Fear Regional Jetport on Long Beach Road, Oak Island, NC. We would love to fly with you!




Keystone Helicopters LLC. announces its arrival at Cape Fear Regional Jetport, Long Beach Road, Oak Island NC for the 2013 summer season!  We are offering our visitors several exciting helicopter rides starting with our "GET YOUR FEET WET" ride--created for those of you who just plain think that helicopters are totally awesome and you know you would love the thrilling experience of take off and landing and seeing the coast from a birdseye view!  (not to mention, telling all your friends about it!) This quick trip covers five miles of the airport and requires two passengers for the introductory $20.00 per person fare.....singles can go, it'll just cost you a $40.00 rate...not bad for a ride with your own "private pilot"!   

The second ride we offer is our "JUMP IN AND SWIM" ride--created for those of you who want an extended tour around beautiful Oak Island, its beaches and intercoastal waterways. You can snap one of a kind pictures that friends and family will ooooh and ahhhh over from the expansive front vista of the helicopter (no one gets a back seat!) And, if you are lucky enough to be staying at an Oak Island beach house for a week, ask the pilot to buzz over your home away from home so your family can take pictures of you and you of them on your helicopter ride--that is, if you can spot them! This is a twelve mile ride, hovering you out the entire length of Oak Island and back, while giving you ample time to fall in love with helicopters!  The cost of this tour is $58.00/ per person, based on two passengers.  Again, a private pilot experience for one is available for this ride at $116.00 for a single. 

The last ride we offer is our "IMMERSE YOURSELF" ride--this ride guarantees to give you the ultimate enjoyment of our local coastal region from the sky. If you dare to take this ride you'll be hooked on helicopters forever!  The ride starts at Oak Island, travels over the historic Southport area (which, by the way, is where the movie Safe Haven was filmed....can you spot the location of Katy's cabin or Josh's store?), then over the Cape Fear River ( in a much classier  ride than a ferry boat!) to luxurious Bald Head Island with all of it's beautiful homes and natural habitats -- unspoiled nature at its best!!!!  While hovering over the island, you'll come eye to eye with the famous lighthouse Old Baldy!!!! Glorious sightings of the islands, the river, and the sea (and very possible "sea life") await you on this 22 mile gem of a helicopter tour!  Bring your camera for sure.  Better yet, bring someone else with a camera too....there is just way too much out there waiting to be shared! You and another can take this awesome ride together for $78.00/ per person......if you'd rather go alone, the same ride is $156.00, a small price to pay for an experience like this! But, we'll let you be the judge of that!